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AOP Home

A s t e r o i d s & C o m e t s
Amateur Observers' Program

Welcome! to the Amateur Observers' website.
Originally put together to support NASA's Discovery mission Deep Impact, the
AOP is continuing and expanding. We'll be looking at the asteroids Vesta and
Ceres in support of another NASA Discovery mission Dawn.
Experience the thrill of participating
in a NASA mission!
Don't worry, you won't need to know much about astronomy, comets or
asteroids. That's what this site is about!
So, let's get started...

􀁺 If you don't know what an asteroid or comet is or how to find things in
the night sky, you'll want to start with the Beginner's Guide.
􀁺 Take the next step and learn about coordinates, magnitudes, and some
simple projects in the Intermediate Guide.
􀁺 If you just want to submit your latest observation, go to the Log Book.
􀁺 Finally, want to know the lowdown on the mission and encounter? Check
out the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Dawn mission website.

Updated: Wednesday May 16, 2007

Dawn Mission Launch
June 30, 2007
24 days to go!

Image Submissions
We are now accepting images
of the asteroid Vesta. Please
visit the LogBook to find out
how to submit your pictures.



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