segunda-feira, março 02, 2009

Foi lançada nova versão (beta) do RegiStax

RegiStax 5 is released (beta)
We have uploaded the beta release-version of RegiStax 5. This version will be fully usable for 30 days, after that you will need to load a new version. This beta-version is equipped with a special bug-reporting setup. Whenever a bug appears you will be asked to send a bug-report by mail. These bug-reports might be crucial in solving issues when using the software that were not detected during the testing by pre-beta testers. Furthermore we hope that within 30 days of this release we will upload a version that does is not time-limited. This website will tell you about it, alternatively you can use the option (on the alignment page under the tab options/additional settings) to automatically check if a new update is available (checks when you startup registax, only checks one time each day).

You can download the RegiStax 5 beta from:

Have fun !!

on behalf of the RegiStax Development Team,
Cor Berrevoets

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