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Alfredo Pereira descobre mais uma Nova

Publicamos o Alerta da AAVSO


Alert Notice 362

Nova in Puppis

November 14, 2007Event: Nova in Puppis
Discovered By: Alfredo Jose Serra Pereira, Carnaxide, Portugal
Discovery Date: 2007 November 14.23 UT (JD 2454418.73)
Discovery Magnitude: approximately 7.0 (visual estimate)

Position: R.A. = 8h 16.2m Decl. = -34o 15' (J2000) from Pereira.RA = 08h 16m 18.01s Decl. = -34o 15' 24.1" (J2000) by J.E. McGaha,Tucson, Arizona, measured with CCD imaging on November 14.243 - 14.256UT.RA = 08h 16m 17.99s Decl. = -34o 15' 25.0" (J2000) by J. Young and H.Rhoades, Table Mountain Observatory, near Wrightwood, California,measured with CCD imaging on November 14.47 - 14.48 UT.

Pereira reports nothing at this position on November 6.23, 7.22, 8.23,10.23, and 11.22 UT down to a limiting visual magnitude of approximately8.

McGaha reports a CR magnitude of 6.5 on November 14.411 (JD 2454418.91),measured relative to USNO-A2.0.
Young reports a visual magnitude estimate of 6.4 on November 14.47 (JD2454418.97)AAVSO Charts(s): charts for this object may be generated using VSP onthe AAVSO website: http://www.aavso.org/observing/charts/vsp/index.html?pickname=Nova%20Puppis%202007

Notes: J. Young (Table Mountain Obs.) also reports that a red image ofthe field from the Digitized Sky Survey contains a point source at anapproximate magnitude of 20.
Spectra have not yet been published so the nova type is not yet known.

Congratulations to Alfredo Jose Serra Pereira on his latest novadiscovery!

Good observing,

Matthew Templeton
Staff Astronomer

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